List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
   ABFSU = All Burma Federation of Student Unions
   ABSDF = All Burma Students' Democratic Front
   ABSU = All Burma Students Union
   ABYMU = All Burma Young Monks' Union
   AFO = Anti-Fascist Organization
   AFPFL = Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League
   ALD = Arakan League for Democracy
   ANC = Arakan National Congress
   ARMA = All Ramanya Mon Association
   ARNO = Arakan Rohingya National Organization
   ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations
   BDA = Burma Defence Army
   BIA = Burma Independence Army
   BIMSTEC = Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Cooperation
   BNA = Burma National Army
   BSPP = Burma Socialist Programme Party
   CNF = Chin National Front
   CPB = Communist Party of Burma
   CRPP = Committee Representing the People's Parliament
   DAB = Democratic Alliance of Burma
   DDSI = Directorate of Defense Services Intelligence
   DKBA = Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
   DPNS = Democratic Party for a New Society
   DSA = Defence Services Academy
   DSC = Defence Services Compound
   DSI = Defence Services Institute
   FACE = Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry
   GCBA = General Council of Burmese Associations
   GCSS = General Council of Sangha Sammeggi
   INGO = International Nongovernmental Organization
   IUAB = Internal Unity Advisory Board
   K = kyat
   KIA/KIO = Kachin Independence Army/Organization
   KMT = Kuomintang (Guomindang)
   KNA = Karen National Association
   KNLA = Karen National Liberation Army
   KNPP = Karenni National Progressive Party
   KNU = Karen National Union
   LID = Light Infantry Divisions
   MI = Military Intelligence
   MIS = Military Intelligence Service
   MMCWA = Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association
   MNDAA/MNDAP = Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army/Party
   MPF = Myanmar Police Force
   MTA = Mong Tai Army
   NC = National Convention
   NCGUB = National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
   NCUB = National Council of the Union of Burma
   NDA = New Democratic Army
   NDAA-ESS = National Democratic Alliance Army-Eastern Shan State
   NDF = National Democratic Front
   NGO = Nongovernmental Organization
   NIB = National Intelligence Bureau
   NLD = National League for Democracy
   NLD-LA = National League for Democracy-Liberated Areas
   NMSP = New Mon State Party
   NSCN = National Socialist Council of Nagaland
   NUF = National Unity Front
   NUP = National Unity Party
   OSS = Office of Strategic Studies
   OTS = Officers Training School
   PBF = Patriotic Burmese Forces
   PBS = Press Scrutiny Board
   PC = People's Council
   PDP = Parliamentary Democracy Party
   PRC = People's Republic of China
   PVO = People's Volunteer Organization
   RC = Revolutionary Council
   RIT = Rangoon Institute of Technology
   RMC = Regional Military Commands
   RUSU = Rangoon University Students Union
   SACs = Security and Administration Councils
   SLORC = State Law and Order Restoration Council
   SNLD = Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
   SPB = Socialist Party of Burma
   SPDC = State Peace and Development Council
   SSA = (South) Shan State Army (South)
   UFU = United Frontier Union
   UNDP = United Nations Development Program
   UNLD = United Nationalities League for Democracy
   USDA = Union Solidarity and Development Association
   UWSA = United Wa State Army
   YCDC = Yangon City Development Committee
   YMBA = Young Men's Buddhist Association

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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